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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pray :')

"Ya Allah, 
Jika dia bukan jodohku, berikan kami jalan yang terbaik untuk tidak saling menyakiti."

Friday, 13 April 2012

The End

13th April. 
Finally. it comes to the end. The exam was over. Pasum Students and the deathly Exam was over ( just another quote from a dude hihi :p ) So does life as a pasumian, Its over. Well say goodbye to everyone, lecturers, friends, haters, lovelies and not to forget, C307 :D

But the memories will not buried easily as  I buried the killing moment during the exam LOL :p There are too many things that will certainly make me smile throughout this two semester. Well, this one whole year will not back around , so the precious moment when we , all the pasumian , especially the AB-ians surely will remain in this heart :')

The times we had been through together, laughed our ass off as we're pangkah each other, falling in love, broken-hearted, and  hurt feelings, and those moment had tied and unite us.  And when no one could understand how we feel when there were some people threw their rubbish assumption toward us, there were still besties and the Embunian beside us. And there is no word could describe the strong bond that had formed in our friendship :)

Just some random pictures to be shown :) Hee.

The best class ever. Awesome lecturer and also handsome tutors . Hee . Graphic communication class yo.

And some memories with embunians :) Kalau la..., JEWP, motif, adoi pun and all those taglines HAHA.

*some photos i took from azhari fuzi's album. sengaja ambik yang muka tah hape hape . kekeke :p*

And also with lovelies <3

Last but not least, thanks Bai, Amal, Syahirah Nazli, Acha, Ain, Mierul, Syasya, and Ayu for the last minute trip last night LOL XD Serious best hu-ha-hu-ha ngan korang malam tadi  :D but i've no photos from last night due to the unplanned trip, so tak bawak camera and battery phone pun macam harommm je. hihi :p

May our friendship last forever :)

13th April.

Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Mr. Timekeeper, 
Happy Birthday to you.

All the plan had ruined, the birthday bash party, the wishes and the present :/ All I could do is wishing you Happy 19th birthday Mr. Timekeeper, May Allah bless you :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

In class.

Saya suka curi-curi online dalam kelas.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Thankyou :')


The new semester was just begun . Alhamdulillah , it started with some good news . I got design course for this semester ; thats mean there is only one more step toward architecture and I need to do my best for this semester as the challenges become tougher . 

Another good news hehe , me and my beloved one will be in the same tutorial class for this WHOLE semester :D wehooo :p jangan jealous ! It doesn't mean when we are in the same class we will be stick together for 24/7 , noooo I will not take for granted okayyy , InsyaAllah . Mr. Timekeeper had helped me a lot during previous architectural drafting classes and for the other subjects . Hopefully , bila dah satu class ni I can learn better as he will be my catalyst in studying **yucks jiwang :p So glad to see him around me ^^

I don't know why lately I'm getting happier although I'm supposed to have mood swing during this PMS phase . Maybe serotonin neurotransmitter in my body acting abnormally thus it makes my mood always in good condition HAHA . biology . enough said .

Alhamdulillah my relationship with everyone is getting better . Mr. Timekeeper , he treat me well :) I got no problem with everyone , tak macam zaman sekolah dulu , ada je yang hasad dengki . haha . Tak tau la kebelakangan ni rasa macam bersyukur gila gila sebab ada family . I think I'm getting closer to my mom , dulu kureng sebab lagi rapat dengan abah and now , mom and I can laugh together when I phoned her :D I love you mom <3 Thank you Allah , for giving me a good life . I am nobody without You , and I believe You have plan something great for me :')

Thankyou Allah :')

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Changes .

Hello peeps :)
It has been a while I didn't post anything here , in this blog . **I'm so soorry my dear pretty blog ( yuckss) for leaving you all this while . I was so busy with all the assignments , homework , quizzes , and spending my time with my loved one . ehehe :p
I ain't gonna talk about my life nor about relationship . What drags me back here is when people keep asking why I didn't post anything  about several months ( saya tau saya tak se-femes kalian . followers saya pun tak ramai mana LOL ). Bukannya taknak menulis , but it kinda boring when I only post something related to my life and nothing could impress you , READER . I got no inspiration to write something better for you , what  I mean is a good quality post .
And now , I'm back . It doesn't mean I have a really really good post to share with you but I hope what I would like to share is something worthable for you to read .
It is about changes . 
Minggu lepas , a friend of mine who study abroad phoned me ( you know who is he if you read my previous posts ) . It has been a while kitorang tak sembang . I thought when people go and live abroad , especially in Europe or negara orang kulit yang lain they will change . And yes , my hypothesis was true . Through my observation , those yang kureeng iman masa kat Malaysia  will become worser as they stay longer in other countries . But not for him . I was like physcic when he talked in Islamic way . Bukan nak cakap dia tu dulu jahil bab agama HOHO but he never talk about religious-related issues with me ! How can I believe it is him ! Kalau dulu nak cukupkan solat 5 waktu pun payah , kadang kadang suruh orang call kejutkan time subuh :p Sekarang bangun awal pagi solat sunat subuh , baca quran , study . Time kitorang sembang sembang tu , semua perkara yang dia shared , termasuk la ekonomi dan other global issues semua dia kaitkan dengan kebesaran Allah .    Macam mana aku tau dia dah berubah ? Come onlah , kawan dari sekolah rendah , dengar cara dia cakap pun dah tau dia sedang melakukan perubahan pada diri dia . Alhamdullillah although it is not-so-dractic changes , at least , he realized what should he do to become a quality man . Berjaya dalam kehidupan , dari segi pelajaran , career , perhubungan , hubungan dengan Allah , ibu bapa dan kawan kawan . Those are few things that I learnt from him .
Pertama , dekatkan diri dengan Allah supaya hati kita tenang . Hati kita lebih mudah untuk menerima pelajaran . Lebih dekat diri kita dengan asal kita (Allah ) lebih tenang hati kita . Same goes when we stay in people's house . We feel uncomfortable when we are in people's place , and feel much better as soon as we reach our home :)
Kedua, to become a quality person , doesn't mean we only need to success in career . Think about the inner of ourselves . A quality person means we gain success in our live and we used the power that we gain to glorify our Islam .
Ketiga, don't be too conscious to make Doa for ourselves only . Make Doa for the others too , for your friends and loved one . People tend to forget to mention people around them in Doa , grandparents , teachers , siblings etc . It is like doing good deeds . The more we come out and do good to others , the more our hearts will be purified :)
I believe everything happens for reason . He got chances to study in other country so that he could change into a better one . 
And there is a guy ( better not to mention his name ) faced failure in his study . He failed during his matriculation session and  retook the UPU . He continued his diploma and during his first semester , failed . and second semester , again,  he failed . As the result , he dropped out from the college . He got second chance to further his study but why he wasted it ? Because he didn't change . He faced failure for the first time and did't take lessons from the incident and did the same for the diploma . He failed not because he didn't study at all, he did study but hello that is last minute study , time tu la nak faham nak sumbat semua dalam otak , memang tak dapat lah . Macam tahu sumbat la kau time exam . Got the result , menangis menyesal pun tak guna . That time Allah shows you success comes through efforts and Doa . Everything happens for reason . He failed because Allah want this person to change , to become more responsible for his study and his future . Everything happens for reason right ?
Changes . Dalam dunia ni semua perkara akan berubah termasuk la diri kita . We change our leader , so that the new leader can do better for our country . Firms change their plans so that they would gain profit . We change our style , so that people wouldn't boring to look us . We change our habit , things we eat , place we go , and things we do to reduce boredom and and have some enjoyment . And sometimes our heart will also change . Semua perubahan yang berlaku tu ada sebab kan ?
Terdetik jugak hati ni nak berubah jadi lebih baik bila tengok orang lain berubah *walaupun sekarang tak la jahat mana pun HAHAH . See , sorang kawan aku dah berubah jadi Islamic . Diana Amir yang dulu pakaian tak berapa nak 'cantik' dulu pun berubah tutup aurat sekarang ni **tetiba haha . Ingat , berubah bukan sebab nak ikut trend ataupun orang lain . Berubah kerana hati kita yang nak berubah , kita berubah sebab kita perlu berubah dah berubahlah kerana Allah :)
Oh , sorry sebab panjang sangat :p
Anyway thanks for spending your time to read this :)
Psst : People change so that you can learn to let go . Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right . You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.