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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Morrrrninggg .
AHHH . awal gila aku bangun hari ni . hee :D I couldn't sleep well last night . I slept around two or three o'clock and I started dreaming . ( What else , mimpi pasal pasal zaman sekolah lagi laaaa . Oh , no . Mimpi mengarut je kauu ni ) Actually it is good to dream about someone who we are longing to see because it keeps us flashing back all the precious moment with them , thus make us appreaciate every single relationship that we have .

Back to 2009 where I lived in hostel . I dreamt a lot about my my friends in puncak alam ( Not forgotten my beloved familiaaa . Yang tu lagggiiii banyaaakk . HAHA ) Seeing variety of people with different habits and attitude in TGS College changed my thought negatively , live at the outside of my small world is obviously like the HELL ( wahh jahat gilaa aku nihhh ) Then I started to miss my previous life , regretting to enter the college and seeing those annoying people almost every day . Every time mak and abah did asked me about my life in the college what I could say was ' The previous is better so let me out of here .'


But bear in your mind don't ever compare the life that you lead right now with the previous one . That what I did during my high school time . Every moment that we have been through will give us different meaning of life and  something that values for us . Same goes to friendship . Never compare your old besties are better than friends that you have right now . Different friendship that we build have their own meaning , it is up to us to differentiate each relationship . Friendship is something that unmeasurable . Nobody is perfect . It is not easy to find a friend who really appreciate you , wanna share your joys and pain , and keep you happy whenever you feel so down . And I'm so lucky to have Waniee , my bestfriend since we were little nine .  ( mesti kembang je kalau die tauu  ) Lama gilaaa kottt . HAHA . Kalau ingat balik waktu kitorang gaduh gaduh masa kecik kecik dulu sumpah lawak ! . 

Previously I was so glad to have Niena , Aan , Ieja , Boola , Ajien , and Yaya by my side when I stayed in kuala lipis yang sungggguuuhhh bersejarahh tuu . Hee :) They are just like mums for me . Haha . But not for Ieja and Niena . Ieja is my daughterrr okayyyy :)) . Niena pulak mcam adik . HAHA . Niena and I has been friends since we entered there . We spent a lot of time together . Sama sama balun makanan , gelak gelak sampai pukul dua tiga pagi . Dengan die gelak je laa kejenye . HAHAHA . I miss all of them so much

ahhah , memang gila time ni .
credit to tinker dilla :)

**Sorry , my language is not sooo good .
   Please forgive me if there is a lot of grammar mistakes :)