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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What language do you use ?

Hello people :)

Few days back , I'd been chatting with my friend . Suddenly he said , ( ayat telah diubah suai ) ' What a typo , ape punya bahasa kauu tulis ni . Aku tak faham lahh apa yang kau nak sampaikan ni . HAHAH ' . You know who you are . ** Malu malu . I didn't use any short form , or distorting any word either . It was only my language or maybe my sentences structure had A BIG DEAL . Okayy fine . I admit that I'm not sooo good on malay language . And my english is very bad either . * So , what type of language I should use now ? HAHA . 

Different people have their own opinion . Some people said those who are speak in english are trying to show off their abilities . We use to hear this kind of phrase , ' Elehh , kitakan  orang melayu . Cakap melayu jelahhh . Tak payah nak kerek kerek speaking pulekkk , ' Or this , ' Aku pun boleh speaking lahh , saje tak nak tunjuk . Tak payah nak berlagak kat aku laaa . ' And some people do say this when someone is trying to use this language , ' What the heck ! Don't you know how to use appropriate english ? ' Or this , ' You look like a foolish when you're talking with the broken english . '

Those are the words that come out from negative thinkers . Well , we are just imperfecto , so why we should condemn the other for the language that they use ? Are we perfect enough with our American or British speaking style , or superb enough with the wayy we use our mother-tongue ?

There is no right and wrong in choosing which language do you prefer to use . Malay language , english or manglish or rojak sekali punn , etc , its up to you . But please don't use these languages with a horrible wayy when you are text-ing , such as distorting the words . ( Aku punn pernah buat dulu , tapi dulu je ehhh sekarang tak lagi . Eleh elehh korang punn sama jugak kan :) ) Frankly speaking , I don't speak well in englishh in front of people , gagap memanjang , haha . but I love to write in English ♥ Although my grammar and vocab are worst , but I'll try my best to IMPROVE IT :)

Recently , I've been watching some awesome videos made by a dude , IniAnwarHadi . Okay tak tau nama sebenar die . HEE :) He is so incredible in making videos with his very well speaking ,  his brilliant and creative wayy to deliver his opinions . Maybe some of you will say he is trying to be like  *** or *** or blablabla . Why you guys want to be haters ? Orang kita sendiri pun tak nak support ke ?

Watching his videos has inspired me to give my best on both language , English and Malay language . ( Teruk sangat ke bahasa aku ni -.-? ) During my childhood , I loved to watch English comedy such as Phua Chu Kang . I learnt to speak in English from this kind of drama . Although they used broken english but it was a good starting for me to use this lingua franca . kan ? 

Ohh , don't forget to watch videos from matluthfi90 too :D This man did a very good job in delivering his opinion with his funny and innocent face . HAHAH . I love the ' Serta Paksa ' and ' We Eat Nasi ' videos . I don't think it is too much for me to say the We Eat Nasi video can be our next National Day ad . HEE ;) ** Eerrrr , video ni dahh lama upload . Tertinggal flight ke aku ni ??


That's all for now . Thanks for reading :)

Suka baca ayat chubby 
Rindu nak baca essay Aan and Ieja
Thanks to Muzammil and Azim for introducing me AnwarHadi videos .
Mati aku kalau teacher baca ! haha .

**I decided to remove the previous post because it contains several inappropriate sentences . Not suitable for under 8teen readers . ( haha . boleh percaya ke ? ) 

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