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Monday, 25 April 2011

10 things I hate about FB

Internet is running too slow ( only on my facebook tab )

Loving couples make facebook as only both of them are online-ing . How I envy them because my boyfriend and I couldn't do the same because lotssssssssssssssss of our friends will bother us . HAHA .

Justin Bieber is everywhere in the facebook . His name , his photos , his videos , that's annoying -.-

People talk rudely at each other .

 There is a lot of  'I am bored' status . Just doing something if you are bored instead of update that annoying status .

 Some people show off their new-like-slut default . Pleeaaassseee . That makes you ugly laaa .

 Facebook make me stick in front of the pc for the whole day if my loved one is online

 People send me a lot of requests and invitations . There is no problem if I'm invited to come to your party , but most of them are invitation to check who is viewing your profile . Errrr .

 People add me as their friend . Suddenly I realize they have bad intention toward me , and I have to remove them from my friend list . GOOD .

 STALKER . view my profile for every minute to check what I am doing . COPYCAT . like every page that I like , copy every single of my status update . GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD -.-

Just want to share . Thankyou :D