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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lucky Draw at 3 F's

Hello people .

I have been waiting for couple days to join this Lucky Draw at 3F's. But since I was not at home for three days , and once I have my time to blogging today , the first thing I do is log in  into my blog and go to 3F'S . Kinda excited to take a look at what will Sis Ajjah  give to her lucky followers . Heheh :)

These are the info's for anyone who would like to join this lucky draw and receive theessseee awesome gifts from Sis Ajjah :)

First , choose only one from five items above . But for those who write an entry about this lucky draw (  either in malay or english ) , you may choose two out of five .

Second , what do you need to do is drop your comment on 3F's starting your choice of gift , your name and e-mail address . Don't forget to leave your blog URL too if you had write an entry about it .

I choose LD2 and LD3 as both of them look sooo attractive for me :D So , ladies , don't take sooo long to join this lucky draw . It will end on 26th of April , 2011 :) I hope I'll be the lucky one to grab these woman-wanted stuff :D