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Monday, 4 April 2011

One star , two stars , three stars

It has been few days I am not updating my blog . Err , just looking for a good song for this blog of mine . This is my first entry in April . Facing these unlucky days with fever , cough , sneezing in the morning , imbalance hormones as well as some damn pimples pop out from my face , not forgotten headache due to the PMS oppppsss . Heheh . What else I could do ? Cooped in the room , sleeping all the time , OR turned on the pc , online-ing , fb-ing , reading people blogs , envying those who had good moments with their loved one teetttt , envying people grabbed those lovely outfit , shawls and pumps teeeettttt , envying those guys having fun during the trip to Port Dickson teeeetttt .

I have no idea what should I post right now because there is no interesting story from me to share . There is only a thing I want to share and I hope you will be pity at me :( I could not sleep well throughout this week , because I have slept a lot during the day . Just imagine , I stare at the ceiling every night , counting those so-so dimly glow in the dark stars at 2.30 A.M. and wishing that someone will phone me and say goodnight , and whisper me to have a sweet dream , ohhhh :) Is there anyone call you Nadia ? HEHE. Let it be as a secret :D

Counting the days .
Goodnight everyone :) 

Boleh pakai ke cara ni -.-?