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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Eager to watch it (!)

Yeah I know I'm a bit late , it is Nur Kasih the Movie fever and lotss of people talk about it . I heard the tickets pun sold out , tak sure la . I asked abah to watch it at cinema , but he kinda ignoring my request and said ' Just wait until it plays on TV ' Abah , its exclusive , ONLY at cinemas ! pehlisss laa . OMJ , my friends semua pun , they seems really enthusiastic to watch this movie sebelum keluar panggung lagi . 

 Sweetkan ? :)

Hey ,  I have plenty of time much time to spend for this movie . Heheh . Loook at the scene ! Cantik kan . I am hoping that someone could accompany me to watch this-must-watch movie. Taknak laa nanti dah berkurun baru dapat tengok , then orang cakap ' Hey , you are outdated laa . Berzaman dah orang tengok cerita ni ' HMM . Kalau takde kawan nak pergi tengok , Mell , jom jom jom :)