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Friday, 6 May 2011

What are words

I chat with Azneen last night . 
She asked ' Do you know Chris Medina ? ' 
I said I don't . 
Then she told me a love story of this singer .

Chris Medina . He is one of American Idol season 10 contestant . He was selected during the audition but couldn't make his way to top 24 . He seem to lost in the middle but he was so lucky because could win the judges and audience hearts with his sad love story .

Chris has been dating with his girlfriend Juliana Ramos for years . It was time for them to take a step forward in their relationship . So Chris had proposed Juliana at her working place . Just two month before their planned wedding , Juliana was involved in a horrible car crush and almost died .

She sustained from a traumatic brain injury , Paralyzed from waist to down . Her face structural was not the same , It was so difficult for her to communicate with people .

What do you think Chris will do ?
Did he left her ? Some of the guy most probably do this .
But not for him .

He commit-ed in front of the judges and Americans to be Juliana's caretaker and never left her .

And I was so touched when he said this ,

What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most ? 

And he dedicated this song for his girl :)

It is not about religion . 
I am muslim you are not 
so I don't have to be sympathized for you . 
NO . It is about loyalty . It is about true love