Road Users

Sunday, 26 June 2011


I feel like I don't have any boyfriend at all . Why ? Mell and I rarely contact each other . He do text me , but only once in a blue moon . He don't give me a call when I need him the most . We keep arguing for a little messy thing , and he never comfort me at all after we have a fight . I'm the one who enthusiastic with our relationship , not him . 

When people asked me , do you happy with Mell , I said yes and I'm so glad to have him . But the fact is , most of the time I feel unhappy with this kind of relationship . It is so sad when the one who always cares about me , makes me happy when I feel down and depressed , always give me a call , texting me although he know that I can't reply him because my number got barred is NOT Mell , but a good friend of mine .

I'm not regretting to be in relationship with Mell because it is a fate . But it is hurt when he always ignoring me and most of the time I feel that I'm unappreciated . One of my friend did say this to me , 'If you are not happy with him , why don't you open your heart to someone who cares about you , thinking of you for every second , protects you from harm and keep waiting for you to accept his love .' Should I ?

I've been keep this for a long time . But if I'm starting to love someone who really cares about me and all my feeling toward you are gone and what is left is only loyalty , what should I do ? I'm sorry Mell if this will hurt you .

My status : It is complicated . 

Just take my hand fall in love with me again :)