Road Users

Saturday, 9 July 2011

take me there .

Summer in France.

Putera buzzed me at 1.20 am in Malaysia, 7.20 pm in France. I grabbed my pashmina as soon as he said he wanted to make a video call. We had a little chat. Baru dua minggu and I miss this good friend of mine a lot. He is doing well there, take care of himself,  prepare the meal by himself, do the house chores, in short, everything is done by himself, and glad to see smile growsssss on his face. HAHAH. That's mean dia happy je la kat sana kan? Then he brought his lappy to the window and showed me the view of Tours :) 

*Do you see it ?*
*Yeah I see France , thanks putera :')*

Waiting you to show me the Eiffel Tower :)