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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Changes .

Hello peeps :)
It has been a while I didn't post anything here , in this blog . **I'm so soorry my dear pretty blog ( yuckss) for leaving you all this while . I was so busy with all the assignments , homework , quizzes , and spending my time with my loved one . ehehe :p
I ain't gonna talk about my life nor about relationship . What drags me back here is when people keep asking why I didn't post anything  about several months ( saya tau saya tak se-femes kalian . followers saya pun tak ramai mana LOL ). Bukannya taknak menulis , but it kinda boring when I only post something related to my life and nothing could impress you , READER . I got no inspiration to write something better for you , what  I mean is a good quality post .
And now , I'm back . It doesn't mean I have a really really good post to share with you but I hope what I would like to share is something worthable for you to read .
It is about changes . 
Minggu lepas , a friend of mine who study abroad phoned me ( you know who is he if you read my previous posts ) . It has been a while kitorang tak sembang . I thought when people go and live abroad , especially in Europe or negara orang kulit yang lain they will change . And yes , my hypothesis was true . Through my observation , those yang kureeng iman masa kat Malaysia  will become worser as they stay longer in other countries . But not for him . I was like physcic when he talked in Islamic way . Bukan nak cakap dia tu dulu jahil bab agama HOHO but he never talk about religious-related issues with me ! How can I believe it is him ! Kalau dulu nak cukupkan solat 5 waktu pun payah , kadang kadang suruh orang call kejutkan time subuh :p Sekarang bangun awal pagi solat sunat subuh , baca quran , study . Time kitorang sembang sembang tu , semua perkara yang dia shared , termasuk la ekonomi dan other global issues semua dia kaitkan dengan kebesaran Allah .    Macam mana aku tau dia dah berubah ? Come onlah , kawan dari sekolah rendah , dengar cara dia cakap pun dah tau dia sedang melakukan perubahan pada diri dia . Alhamdullillah although it is not-so-dractic changes , at least , he realized what should he do to become a quality man . Berjaya dalam kehidupan , dari segi pelajaran , career , perhubungan , hubungan dengan Allah , ibu bapa dan kawan kawan . Those are few things that I learnt from him .
Pertama , dekatkan diri dengan Allah supaya hati kita tenang . Hati kita lebih mudah untuk menerima pelajaran . Lebih dekat diri kita dengan asal kita (Allah ) lebih tenang hati kita . Same goes when we stay in people's house . We feel uncomfortable when we are in people's place , and feel much better as soon as we reach our home :)
Kedua, to become a quality person , doesn't mean we only need to success in career . Think about the inner of ourselves . A quality person means we gain success in our live and we used the power that we gain to glorify our Islam .
Ketiga, don't be too conscious to make Doa for ourselves only . Make Doa for the others too , for your friends and loved one . People tend to forget to mention people around them in Doa , grandparents , teachers , siblings etc . It is like doing good deeds . The more we come out and do good to others , the more our hearts will be purified :)
I believe everything happens for reason . He got chances to study in other country so that he could change into a better one . 
And there is a guy ( better not to mention his name ) faced failure in his study . He failed during his matriculation session and  retook the UPU . He continued his diploma and during his first semester , failed . and second semester , again,  he failed . As the result , he dropped out from the college . He got second chance to further his study but why he wasted it ? Because he didn't change . He faced failure for the first time and did't take lessons from the incident and did the same for the diploma . He failed not because he didn't study at all, he did study but hello that is last minute study , time tu la nak faham nak sumbat semua dalam otak , memang tak dapat lah . Macam tahu sumbat la kau time exam . Got the result , menangis menyesal pun tak guna . That time Allah shows you success comes through efforts and Doa . Everything happens for reason . He failed because Allah want this person to change , to become more responsible for his study and his future . Everything happens for reason right ?
Changes . Dalam dunia ni semua perkara akan berubah termasuk la diri kita . We change our leader , so that the new leader can do better for our country . Firms change their plans so that they would gain profit . We change our style , so that people wouldn't boring to look us . We change our habit , things we eat , place we go , and things we do to reduce boredom and and have some enjoyment . And sometimes our heart will also change . Semua perubahan yang berlaku tu ada sebab kan ?
Terdetik jugak hati ni nak berubah jadi lebih baik bila tengok orang lain berubah *walaupun sekarang tak la jahat mana pun HAHAH . See , sorang kawan aku dah berubah jadi Islamic . Diana Amir yang dulu pakaian tak berapa nak 'cantik' dulu pun berubah tutup aurat sekarang ni **tetiba haha . Ingat , berubah bukan sebab nak ikut trend ataupun orang lain . Berubah kerana hati kita yang nak berubah , kita berubah sebab kita perlu berubah dah berubahlah kerana Allah :)
Oh , sorry sebab panjang sangat :p
Anyway thanks for spending your time to read this :)
Psst : People change so that you can learn to let go . Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right . You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.