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Monday, 21 November 2011

Thankyou :')


The new semester was just begun . Alhamdulillah , it started with some good news . I got design course for this semester ; thats mean there is only one more step toward architecture and I need to do my best for this semester as the challenges become tougher . 

Another good news hehe , me and my beloved one will be in the same tutorial class for this WHOLE semester :D wehooo :p jangan jealous ! It doesn't mean when we are in the same class we will be stick together for 24/7 , noooo I will not take for granted okayyy , InsyaAllah . Mr. Timekeeper had helped me a lot during previous architectural drafting classes and for the other subjects . Hopefully , bila dah satu class ni I can learn better as he will be my catalyst in studying **yucks jiwang :p So glad to see him around me ^^

I don't know why lately I'm getting happier although I'm supposed to have mood swing during this PMS phase . Maybe serotonin neurotransmitter in my body acting abnormally thus it makes my mood always in good condition HAHA . biology . enough said .

Alhamdulillah my relationship with everyone is getting better . Mr. Timekeeper , he treat me well :) I got no problem with everyone , tak macam zaman sekolah dulu , ada je yang hasad dengki . haha . Tak tau la kebelakangan ni rasa macam bersyukur gila gila sebab ada family . I think I'm getting closer to my mom , dulu kureng sebab lagi rapat dengan abah and now , mom and I can laugh together when I phoned her :D I love you mom <3 Thank you Allah , for giving me a good life . I am nobody without You , and I believe You have plan something great for me :')

Thankyou Allah :')