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Friday, 13 April 2012

The End

13th April. 
Finally. it comes to the end. The exam was over. Pasum Students and the deathly Exam was over ( just another quote from a dude hihi :p ) So does life as a pasumian, Its over. Well say goodbye to everyone, lecturers, friends, haters, lovelies and not to forget, C307 :D

But the memories will not buried easily as  I buried the killing moment during the exam LOL :p There are too many things that will certainly make me smile throughout this two semester. Well, this one whole year will not back around , so the precious moment when we , all the pasumian , especially the AB-ians surely will remain in this heart :')

The times we had been through together, laughed our ass off as we're pangkah each other, falling in love, broken-hearted, and  hurt feelings, and those moment had tied and unite us.  And when no one could understand how we feel when there were some people threw their rubbish assumption toward us, there were still besties and the Embunian beside us. And there is no word could describe the strong bond that had formed in our friendship :)

Just some random pictures to be shown :) Hee.

The best class ever. Awesome lecturer and also handsome tutors . Hee . Graphic communication class yo.

And some memories with embunians :) Kalau la..., JEWP, motif, adoi pun and all those taglines HAHA.

*some photos i took from azhari fuzi's album. sengaja ambik yang muka tah hape hape . kekeke :p*

And also with lovelies <3

Last but not least, thanks Bai, Amal, Syahirah Nazli, Acha, Ain, Mierul, Syasya, and Ayu for the last minute trip last night LOL XD Serious best hu-ha-hu-ha ngan korang malam tadi  :D but i've no photos from last night due to the unplanned trip, so tak bawak camera and battery phone pun macam harommm je. hihi :p

May our friendship last forever :)

13th April.

Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Mr. Timekeeper, 
Happy Birthday to you.

All the plan had ruined, the birthday bash party, the wishes and the present :/ All I could do is wishing you Happy 19th birthday Mr. Timekeeper, May Allah bless you :)